Due to federal laws and health regulations, we cannot accept the return of used, worn, damaged, wet, processed, unpackaged hair. We exercise a very strict quality control process to ensure that our clients receive only the best virgin hair. You may not comb, brush, wash, dye, curl, braid, spray, wear, or treat the hair in any way for us to consider a return. ALL SALES ARE FINAL!!! However, we believe in GREAT QUALITY SERVICE therefore, any question or concern you may have about your purchase please give us---a call at 704-724-6749or send an email hair dispersal/replacement has been granted, all replacement products will be available for pick up or shipping within 5-7 business days(shipping cost at the buyers/customers expense). In order to make a decision regarding the aforementioned the client invoice/purchase receipt must be located in our system or proof provided by the client of their purchase, purchase date, purchase amount and items purchased. If these items not produced or cannot be found, we are NOT obligated to refund, credit or replace products.

Exchanges may be considered prior to install. The hair must not be untied from the bundle, nor washed, processed, wet, combed, brushed if it has left our hair studio. Exchanges will only be considered within a 24 hour time frame from date of purchase NO EXCEPTIONS. We offer one exchange per original order. Shipping, handling and insurance costs will be at the customer's expense for all exchanged orders that requires shipping. Due to important federal laws and health regulations, we adhere to a strict policy with regards to exchanging of merchandise. All items sent to us for exchange will be inspected thoroughly. If the product return does not meet our standard: which includes combing, brushing, washing, dying, curling, braiding, spraying, wearing, etc. we reserves the right to rescind any offer of exchange.


We ship our packages out via USPS Priority and Express Shipping Options.All orders that require shipping will leave our warehouse within 4-7 days from the date of purchase please allow 48hrs for order payment to process if your items of choice are not in stock,you will receive a phone call or email within 24 hours to provide you with options on your purchase. Shipping confirmations will arrive to your email via USPS.COMwith your tracking number and shipping method selected. You may also pick up your order at our Hair Studio When order arrives.

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